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Fredriksbjerg skole,Denmark,Aarhus,13.700 m²,Henning Larsen Architects A/S,GPP Arkitekter,Møller & Grønborg,Kari Moseng,Aarhus Kommune,Awarded the School Building of the Year 2016,Denmark,Svend Christensen,ROCKFON Sonar,M-edge,1200x600,white,Chicago Metallic T24 Click 2890
Fredriksbjerg School

More movement without compromising with the acoustic sound quality

Frederiksbjerg School designed by Henning Larsen Architects became in October the School Building of the Year 2016. The innovative school gets students to move with a number of innovative acoustic optimized spaces with ceilings from Rockfon.

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PL, Solusions Rent Coworking Office, Warsaw, The Design Group, Office, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, White, Meeting room
Solutions.Rent Co-Working Office

Co-working building gets a beautiful facelift with great acoustics

Co-working building gets a beautiful facelift with great acoustics. Although it has a fully functional office interior, the style resembles a cosy café or flat. Elegance and attention to detail are all about its high quality.

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PL, Poznan, Marcin Sakson, Front Architects, Education, Exterior
Primary School no 46 in Poznan

Primary School no 46 in Poznan

"""Our school has existed since 1937, so the building is already old. In addition, through education reform, it turned out that there is not enough space in the facility to accommodate eight student years. The school's headmaster, Mr. Tadeusz Badowski, decided to expand the school."" Anna Jedut – Wnuk, teacher in Primary School No. 46 in Poznan. The project to expand primary school no. 46 is the result of the rapid pace of investment. We had only six months for the whole project. This is why we applied prefabricated technology in the form of large-sized elements - reinforced concrete walls and ceilings. Due to the necessity of eliminating wet works in some aesthetic assumptions, we decided to leave the raw walls and reinforced concrete ceilings without plastering. This decision directly influenced the need to use interior design tools to create a friendly acoustics, especially for classrooms. The expanded wing has been designed to meet the acoustic requirements of the current school norm - PN-B 02151. The choice fell on Rockfon ceiling and wall panels. We wanted to create a comfortable working environment for teachers and learning for pupils. In addition to acoustic values, the panels are a great arrangement tool for the interior, in our project they perfectly complement the rawness of concrete surfaces through soft forms and color complementation. Marcin Sakson, Architect at Front Architects I teach lessons in both - the old and the new school wing. The difference in room acoustics is clear. In the new wing you can hear better what I'm saying to the students, my voice is simply better pronounced. When I teach there, I feel calmer and I am less tired. Similarly, students. Thanks to this, learning goes more smoothly. Anna Jedut – Wnuk, teacher in Primary School No. 46 in Poznan."

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Novo Nordisk, DK, MONO, Industrial,
Henning Larsen Architects, Novo Nordisk, MTHøjgaard, Svend Christensen
Novo Nordisk

Inspired by the company’s DNA

The Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk wanted their new corporate headquarters in Bagsværd, north of Copenhagen, to be a bright and open office environment while clearly reflecting the company’s DNA.

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UK, Islwyn School, School, Rockfon Tropic dB, E edge, 600x600, white, Chicago Metallic T24 2890
Islwyn School

Acoustic solutions bring harmony to the Valley

Islwyn High in Caerphilly is an ambitious project to amalgamate two former schools. Rockfon acoustic ceiling tiles are installed throughout the school to control noise and harmonise with the contemporary interior.

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PL, Infor Polska Sp. Z o.o., Wroclaw, The Design Group, Office, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, White, Meeting room
Infor Polska Sp. Z o.o.

A spacious space that takes into account the specific work of programmers

We wanted to create a sustainable and functional work environment, that is user-friendly and tailored to their needs. We focused on proper acoustics, lighting and ergonomics, that support the efficiency of IT professionals.

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