Application areas

Every space presents its own challenges in terms of acoustics and design. Our acoustic ceiling solutions have strong performance standards and make an important contribution to creating a comfortable indoor environment in all buildings.

Find the acoustic design that is right for your space

Every building, be it a new build or renovation project, has its own unique personality. They can be different in nature and functionality, presenting different challenges which place diverse demands on the building materials. Acoustic design is no different. 

As the ceiling covers a vast area of the indoor surface, it plays a vital role in a building's indoor environment. This includes: sound attenuation, acoustic insulation, light reflection, fire safety, hygiene, durability and aesthetics. It is important to find the right ceiling solution for your project.

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Case studies

Take a look at our library of projects we are proud to have been involved in, and draw inspiration from the beautiful spaces that have been created worldwide.

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